GMC Sierra 1500 Gives You Outstanding Capability

The power you expect with the capability you want characterizes the GMC Sierra 1500. This popular light-duty pickup can do it all and it's packaged with cutting-edge technology that will make your daily driving a breeze.

When your flatbed has a heavy load or you're hauling a substantial piece of equipment or a small vehicle, you need an engine that is up to the task. Not only does the Sierra 1500 offer you a choice of workhorse powertrains with outstanding torque that make easy work of all your jobs, it also offers you the all new Traction Select System that will optimize performance in a variety of situations.

You'll also enjoy a sronger and more accessible cargo box that offers easy access, thanks to larger footwells in the rear bumper, to your equipment while keeping all of your tools safe during transport, along with improved side lighting.



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