Testing Your Car's Battery at Home is Simple

Cars require regular maintenance, and it is important that you know how to perform some of these basic maintenance checks. Testing your battery is one of those basic maintenance tasks. Not only that, making sure you have a properly functioning battery could save you an enormous headache if the car fails to start on a cold winter morning, or is dead in a parking lot far from home.

Testing your battery only requires one inexpensive piece of specialty equipment, a voltmeter. A voltmeter can generally be found for $20 or under and is simple to use. You simply attach the meter's clips to the appropriate terminal and read the meter. You are looking for a battery that is producing at least 12.4 volts. Additionally, you want to listen to the starting of your car to hear if it is hesitating or turning over more than normal before starting.

If you find that your battery is dead or in the process of going bad, or if you are uncomfortable with testing it on your own, bring your vehicle in to our fantastic service department here at Classic GMC Buick in Montgomery.

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