Signs That Point to a Faulty Starter

When your vehicle won't start, it's natural to think that a dead battery or the alternator may be at fault. That's not always the case. Starters have their own issues, which can appear as your vehicle ages.

Like other essential parts of your car, the starter will show definite signs when something is going awry. Grinding when you start your vehicle can result in damage to the flywheel if left unchecked. Freewheeling, which is a whining noise, means the starter gear is not engaged with the flywheel and may point to a starter replacement.

Sometimes oil soaks the started and shortens its life. A malfunctioning solenoid will prevent the ignition from turning over. Seeing smoke when you start is the biggest cause for concern.

The auto service department at Classic Buick GMC can diagnose all types of starter problems. Bring it in for a diagnosis and we'll get you quickly back on the streets of Montgomery, AL.


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