Make Safety A Priority With The New Buick LaCrosse

The Buick LaCrosse utilizes the newest technologies to ensure you arrive at your destination safely. This popular full-size luxury sedan received a 5-star Overall Vehicle Score for safety and features OnStar for added protection.

Accidents caused by drivers drifting out of their lanes happen every day. The Buick LaCrosse helps drivers avoid these accidents with Lane Keep Assist. Lane Keep Assist gently corrects the steering wheel if a vehicle drifts out of its lane.

Even the seats in the Buick LaCrosse were designed with safety in mind. The driver's seat vibrates when a crash-risk is detected. The Safety Alert Seat prevents lane drift accidents and front-end collisions. This technology also works well for hearing-impaired drivers.

Are you ready to test drive one of the safest full-size sedans on the road? Stop by the Classic GMC Buick showroom to take the Buick LaCrosse for a ride.



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