Buick Envision Safety Features

The Buick Envision is a small luxury SUV that has been getting serious attention these days. These are a few safety features making drivers want to get behind the wheel.

Put the new Buick Envision in reverse, and its Rear Cross Traffic Alert feature takes over and scans the roads to see if the coast is clear. If a vehicle moves within 65 feet of your vehicle, an alert goes off so you can stop and then proceed with caution.

Here is how the new Envision helps when you are riding on the highway: The Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning recognizes when the vehicle begins to slip over the lane lines without the turn signal being used. The car will correct and keep you in the lane and out of harm.

See the new features of the Buick Envision in action when you take it for a test drive at our Buick sales center today.



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