What Is Horsepower?

What Does Horsepower Mean Anyways?

Well, the term horsepower originated when James Watt theorized that a horse could do 22,000-foot-pounds of work in a minute. He took his original number and bumped it up to 33,000 foot-pounds. He used this rating to sell his steam engines. An engine with one horsepower has the same strength as a horse who is pulling 33 pounds of weight. At that time people were intrigued by a machine that was more powerful than a horse. Now, vehicle engines are designed to produce more horsepower, and in turn are much more powerful.

Why Is Horsepower Important When Buying a Car?

Simply speaking, horsepower is important because it is a tool for ranking the power that an engine has. If you want a vehicle with a powerful engine, then you should select a vehicle with more horsepower. To find the perfect vehicle visit by Classic GMC Buick in Montgomery.


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