Inspect Your Brake Pads and Rotors

Brakes are the most important system in a vehicle, some would say. The braking system needs routine maintenance. Some components may need to be replaced more often than others. It all depends on the road conditions and driver’s style of driving. The Classic GMC Buick service team can assist with your braking system needs.

When pressure is applied to the brake pedal, the brake pads squeeze the disc or rotor. This causes the car to slow down. Pads create a lot of friction and heat, so they should be checked for minimum thickness. Rotors or discs will need to be replaced if they get uneven or warped. Discs should always be in good condition. If these components become rough, dinged, or damaged, they need to be resurfaced or completely replaced. Our technicians can let you know which option would be best for your car.

At Classic GMC Buick, our auto service department will evaluate your car's entire braking system and advise you on what might need to be replaced or repaired.

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