What Should I Know About My Spare Before Driving?

Drivers hardly ever think about their spare tire. Most do not know what type of spare their vehicle carries. You should always make sure you understand the intricacies of your spare. Those intricacies do not just include the spare itself; they also include how to change the tire and where your equipment is in your vehicle to complete that change.

Knowledge of the location of your spare is imperative. Most spare tires are in the trunk. Other spare tires, most notably on a pickup truck, are located beneath the vehicle to save space. Some have their tires mounted on the rear of the vehicle, principally on SUV models. You also need to know the location of your jack, the lug wrench, and your wheel wedges.

At our car repair facility in Montgomery, we are eager to inform you where your spare tire and accompanying tools are located at the time of purchase.

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